Prestige out door living and patios ltd is design and install devoted to creating an beautiful outdoor living shape that pleases your eyes. Not only using highest quality material provides our clients a marvellous landscape, but also visualizing the project on 3d landscape plans or 3d movies before installing.

Prestige outdoor living and patios ltd specializes in the design and build of full or partial yards or renovations to existing yards. Our landscape designer would create a project that meets your budget and ideas. We offer a full scope of landscape maintenance services. We work with not only strata and smaller commercial sites, but also with large commercial properties. We service the Lower Mainland of British Columbia .
Lawn Maintenance- Lawn Cutting-Mowing Regular Yard Maintenance- Yard Clean Up- Tree Services/Tree Pruning- Lawn-Fertilizing- Power Raking- Liming- Aerating- Top Soil/Top Dressing- Pressure Washing/Power Washing- Flowers/Plants/Trees Planting- Beds Cleaning-
Seeding/Hydroseeding- Hedge- Shrub Trimming- Shrub Care- Snow Removal/Snow Plowing- Salting/De-Icing- Irrigation/Drainage Repair- Weed Control- Pest/Insect Control- Complete Maintenance- Organic Lawn Care- Edging/Lawn Edging- Hedge Care- Mulching.

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